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Why You Should Never Skip Process Mining When Transforming Your Business

Why You Should Never Skip Process Mining When Transforming Your Business

If you are in the process of digitally transforming your business or have an ongoing transformation project, it is crucial to take into account the benefits of Process Mining first. If you want to achieve long-term success, avoid costly mistakes, and accelerate time to value, you should never skip Process Mining.

Process Mining Helps You Avoid These Digital Transformation Pitfalls

Nearly 90% of digital transformation projects have failed, per the MIS Quarterly Executive report (as cited by Forbes). Most digital initiatives fail primarily due to poor assessment, poor execution, and lack of foresight.

Say you want to automate your processes. Gartner says that it may not be successful if you fail to:

  • Prioritize automation initiatives that deliver clear, quantifiable business outcomes and for which the resources already exist within your organization.
  • Involve all stakeholders.
  • Waste effort on overly complicated processes.
  • Use the wrong metrics to measure success.
  • Ignore the culture and employee impact.

Process Mining empowers you to avoid these automation mistakes and ensure your transformation initiative will bring long-term success.

Process Mining Is Like Process Mapping — But A Lot Better

Process Mapping involves manual discovery through interviews, workshops, surveys, and the like and manually mapping the business processes using drawn flowcharts. It also entails a series of discussions to draw concrete conclusions. The entire process can be time-consuming, costly, laborious, and prone to inaccuracies, mistakes, and bias.

Process Mining automates all the manual processes to accelerate discovery, eliminate errors and bias, and ensure the automation initiative will result in high-quality outcomes.

  • Process Mining allows you to harness enterprise data more effectively. With Process Mining, you no longer have to conduct interviews, workshops, surveys, etc., just to collect data. It allows you to use the data from your business applications, such as CRM and ERP, to get a detailed understanding of complex business processes — in a few clicks! It empowers all stakeholders to pinpoint quickly which process or specific business activity screams for automation using the graphic visualization of the end-to-end process.
  • Process Mining lets you automate discovery. It harnesses the digital footprints left behind in your enterprise applications and systems to give you a complete view of what happens in your processes — from start to finish, horizontally and vertically. You don’t have to rely on manually drawn flowcharts and diagrams to understand the end-to-end processes and determine what should be and can be automated.
  • Process Mining helps you determine where automation will deliver the most value. It allows stakeholders to automatically generate diagrams and Gantt charts and use them to:
    • Spot the pain points and bottlenecks.
    • Quantitatively measure the impact of these pain points and bottlenecks on their business metrics and KPIs.
    • And based on the results, pinpoint which task needs to be automated urgently.
  • Process Mining allows for continuous monitoring and optimization of your processes. It allows you to use KPIs to measure the impact of your automation initiative on the end-to-end processes. It enables your organization to determine what’s working and not and how to keep transforming your business.

You should never skip Process Mining if you want to reap all these competitive advantages. Process Mining helps ensure all your transformation efforts will give you fast ROI.

Next Step

To get the full benefits of Process Mining, seek expert help from professionals with broad knowledge of this technology and industry expertise.

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