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Institute Data and Analytics driven processes for


Step up decision making with actionable insight

dotSolved’s Data Science and Analytics teams enable organizations to grow and differentiate themselves against competition. From identifying use cases that meet business priorities to creating AI, big data, analytics, and data visualization solutions that leverage the latest platforms, we empower you to uncover valuable insight from your data that lifts performance, resilience, and growth.

data science and analytics solutions

Step Up Value

Turn data into outcomes and competitive advantage, and solve your data challenges at scale



Full suite of data science and analytics services

Data-Driven Business

Data-Driven Business Process Modeling and Automation

Leverage data-driven graphical process models to obtain a clear, detailed picture of your enterprise business processes and functions and make informed decisions to standardize, optimize, and automate processes.

Analytics Solution Design, Development and Implementation

Embed analytics into processes with our advanced analytics applications that range from simple dashboards presenting KPIs and metrics to complex AI-driven applications to browse and navigate data, change visualization, and navigate across segments.

Big Data Managed Services and Infrastructure Consulting

Solve your big data operational challenges including data growth, evolving user needs, and 24×7 uptime through ongoing monitoring and support to your big data infrastructure for streamlining operations, managing cluster health, and raising availability.

Analytics Consulting and Data Management Services

Run advanced experiments on your data for gaining exceptional business insights through our data science consulting services that leverage Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning technologies to meet your unique analytics needs.

Data Engineering and Management Services

Design and build systems for data collection, storage, and analysis for providing access to data and running analysis of raw data to support predictive models and generate short-term and long-term trends and advance to the the next level of data usage and automation.

Our Data Science and Analytics Process

The dotSolved team has the experience and technical expertise to ensure that you are able to maximize the full benefits of AI and data science.


Build smart data pipelines with advanced visual tools and machine-actionable metadata


Unveil, integrate, and orchestrate analytics data for exploratory data analysis and model building


Unify big data pipelines to make them more automated and self-serving for efficiency and productivity

an array of tools to unlock data

And accelerate analytics for high performance

data analytics and data science partners

Leveraging our partner ecosystem to maximize the power of data and analytics to deliver transformative insight

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