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Create high quality software for


Infuse software quality assurance best practices into the SDLC

dotSolved partners with clients in implementing world-class software testing methodologies and tools to implement quality at speed and scale. Count on manual and automated testing services that adhere to industry standard quality assurance practices and processes to embed quality across the SDLC.

Our QA team ensures that you can bring reliable, scalable and robust software solutions to market faster through rigorous, diligent, and automation-driven QA strategies.


Take control of the software lifecycle

Power quality with speed, agility, and user experience through a full suite of software testing and QA offerings



We help you create flawless products across performance, functionality, security, and reliability,

Test Automation Assessment

Assess automation frameworks including function libraries, test object maps, integration of tests and defects and process fitment including coverage and prioritization.

Automated Regression Testing

Run series of functional and non-functional tests to ensure that the software works as intended after making code updates, revisions, and improvements.

Test Automation Lifecycle

Accelerate the process of automated test tool introduction, developing and running test cases, test design, and handling test data / environment, along the SDLC.

Test Automation Maintenance

Ensure validity of automated test scripts well after application changes by building them for maintainability as new tests are created and existing ones are altered.

QA and Testing Methodology

Build roadmap to launch high quality software

Get the dotSolved

QA Advantage

Transform Quality

Reimagine end-to-end quality powered by intelligence and insight and accelerated testing and coverage.

Infuse Automation

Embed speed, quality, and productivity with an automation-based, analytics-driven approach for systems and applications.

Strengthen Expertise

Deliver compelling user-centric, digital experiences across smart, connected devices, technologies, and platforms.

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