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Transition from Plans to Success

The three pillars for any successful digital transformation are People, Processes, and Platforms. Most business processes were coded into software in a completely different context and time. As transformation leaders deal with new challenges and opportunities, they find that current processes do not meet their needs. However, changing processes to align with new demands requires a deeper understanding of the business, impact of change across the enterprise ecosystem, and the underpinning technologies that are required to support these changes.

Enter dotSolved DT-Twin, a unique methodology that helps enterprises bring together processes, people, and platforms onto a single pane of visibility, and accelerate their transformation initiatives.

We enable


Process Design Studio

DT-Twin offers an elegant Process Design Studio that helps

  • Stakeholders understand the holistic process underlying how the organization runs
  • Finetune “upstream” processes and see the impact in “downstream” processes
  • Make changes and retain control of Change Management
  • Prioritize changes in processes
  • Realize total automation of repetitive processes using bots

Platform Decision Engine

As business and IT decide on the new process design, the underpinnings of executing on the design rely on robust technology selection. DT-Twin leverages AI and machine learning to recommend the right technology choices, in order to:

  • Complete or augment process gap
  • Leverage cost advantages to migrate from an existing legacy to modern technology
  • Provision new capabilities for new and currently underserved user personas
  • Democratize data across the enterprise for decision support

People Planner

At the heart of any transformation is the strength of the right people with the right skills who can execute with minimum supervision. DT-Twin helps transformation leaders plan well in advance for the requisite people skills and talent pools that would be needed to carry out initiatives. This includes:

  • Identifying the right functional, technical, and domain expertise required at each stage of transformation rollout
  • Analyzing internal talent and availability and skills and bandwidth gaps
  • Integrating with external talent sources and building the right pool profiles
  • Developing the right recruitment strategy for the pool

The dotSolved DT-Twin is designed by domain and technology experts who have managed complex transformation in multiple business functions across industries, and features mission-critical tools that can help un-stall projects, inject data-driven visibility into decisions, and accelerate outcomes that matter.

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