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Delight your customers and employees using digital experiences powered by Freshworks for


Unify customer and employee experiences with the Freshworks Neo Platform

dotSolved partners with Freshworks to offer simple-to-use, delightful experiences for customers of all sizes. Our team has experience in everything Freshworks across Customer Support, Sales, and Marketing.

The integrated Freshsuite delivers an omnichannel experience for companies looking to engage with their customers and provide a seamless and real-time experience across all digital touchpoints and interactions.

freshworks engagement

Unify Sales, Marketing, HR, and Service teams

Engage with customers across their journey while seamlessly delivering omnichannel experiences


put experience at the center

Create, connect, customize, and innovate user experiences with the Freshworks Neo Platform

Unify Customer Engagements

Delight your customers across marketing, sales, and support with unified customer views, modern communication channels, and smart analytics. Access customer behavioral data over multiple channels for contextual and personalized engagement.

Elevate Employee Experiences

Automate repetitive tasks, simplify workflows, and break silos to connect your teams for better productivity. Measure, monitor and enhance your teams’ productivity with unified and smart collaboration tools and insights.


Count on a partner who executes your Freshworks based strategy efficiently and delivers consistent results


Integrate your current tech platforms with Freshworks applications and use-cases.


Manage Freshworks solutions across security, customer data, AI, channels, analytics.


Build custom private apps and weave in Freshworks into existing business processes.


Scale, customize, collaborate, and make informed decisions with Freshworks.

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