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Gain ready access to the data for accrual processes

When it comes to accrual, do you frequently struggle with routine problems that require long hours and a significant number of resources to resolve?

Accrual processes build an accurate, full picture of company finances. But the data is often hard to find. The amount of information needed for accounting statements is high. Collecting accrual information takes time and effort. But not any longer!

With the FAS5Pro accrual portal, you can:

  • Speed up collection of accurate data for month-end accruals
  • Establish error free consolidation of accrual data during month-end
  • Ensure full visibility between suppliers and internal organizations
  • Make accrual forecasting a breeze
  • Leverage unified data sources to step up efficiency of audits

dotSolved FAS5PRO


The solution automates the collection and processing of data for accurate accrual accounting

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Power accrual processes with automation and analytics

dotSolved FAS5Pro automates the collection and organization of accounting data and leverages analytics to coordinate the effort involved in managing accruals. By reducing the time needed to process accruals, they can be posted and reported more frequently.

By streamlining your accrual processes and stepping up accrual management, FAS5Pro delivers:

  • Error-free accrual processes
  • Simplified Finance approvals
  • Cloud-based reports for audits

As much as 24 hours of work saved per department!

Why FAS5Pro


Institute a smarter, data-driven approach towards your organizational financial management.

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With dotSolved FAS5Pro, you can make business decisions with current, accurate financial information. A cloud-based expense accrual application, it provides a single point of collaboration between suppliers, requestors, cost center owners, FP&A, and General Accounting. Seamlessly plugging into any ERP system, FAS5Pro is quick and easy to install, configure and go live with, without requiring an IT team to maintain it thereafter.

Use cases

  • Automated matching of current POs and PRs to pending invoices for services.
  • Easy to use monthly reminders for suppliers with configurable templates.
  • 360 degree views for suppliers, requestors, and Finance teams.
  • Simplified booking of journal entries with a single click.
  • Quick selection/account determination/finance approvals and beginning of period reversals.
  • Detailed analytics for periodic flash reporting.

Key features

Autoload open POs and even allow PRs based on exceptions/rules

Control suppliers’ view of accrual info easily from dashboard

Configurable email templates to auto-notify suppliers and internal PO owners

Define review and approval workflows for accruals generated by suppliers and PO owners

Enable FP&A to view end-to-end accrual data and consolidation

Single click JE booking, approvals, and period beginning reversal capabilities

Effortless and accurate historical and trending audit capabilities

Simplified reporting configuration for advanced analytics


Streamline accrual processes for the Finance and Accounts function


Connect Financial and non-Financial systems for seamless accrual workflows

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