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Application development and maintenance for


Drive business agility and responsiveness through software

dotSolved partners with clients in leveraging our deep technical expertise, rich industry domain knowledge, extensive consulting capabilities, portfolio of IP assets, and implementation-ready practice methodologies. The goal is to deliver future-proof software applications that are aligned with your target business processes.

Our applications team helps you forge ahead on your transformation journey through world-class mobile and web applications that are agile, scalable, secure, and resilient.


Accelerate the transformation through application software

Automate your business processes through software and step up your pace of innovation



Full suite of application development and maintenance services


Application Development

Deliver captivating user experience through user-first design principles, backed by a secure and agile approach ensuring quality and speed. Integrate industry-standard practices for maintainability, reusability, and performance while upholding quality, compliance, and outcome-driven governance.

Application Maintenance

Keep applications aligned with business needs and IT advancements by enhancing them with new features, software integrations, re-architecting and modernization, performance tuning and optimization, and compliance management.

Application Consulting

Define application strategy, analyze and document business processes, create solution roadmap, conduct functional testing, analyze alternate approaches and technical solutions including third party products, and ensure solution sustainability.

Application Migration

Assess application complexity and migration readiness, define target architecture and risk management, prepare migration plan and schedule, refactor applications, set application KPIs, design CI/CD pipelines, track performance post migration.

Application Security

Weave security into the dev lifecycle to lower security flaws. Implement DevSecOps practices based on the right people, processes, and tools. Improve security through manual and automated testing including pentests and security assessments.


Progress from initial vision and concept to deployed solution

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Application Advantage

Right Team

Our application experts drive software security and quality, responsiveness, agility, performance, and governance.

Right Tech Expertise

Focused on innovation, our teams accelerate continuous improvement through automation frameworks and platforms.

Right Industry Expertise

Our practitioners bring to the fore deep industry knowledge and compelling insights that deliver quantifiable business benefits.

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