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Fusing AI with expertise to create lasting impact


Drive business outcomes with AI

Reimagine processes through generative AI for reinvention, growth, efficiency, and resilience through the right mix of competencies, solutioning, and governance. Our AI solutions solve business problems via the building blocks of intuitive interfaces and transparent models and processes, thereby encouraging adoption and accelerating innovation. Evolve operating models to be data-driven based on dynamic processes and AI-ready IT infrastructure, seamlessly integrating machine learning models and handling large-scale, real-time data processing.

maximize the multiplier effect of generative AI

Gain competitive edge

Transform processes from customer service to hyper-automation to knowledge management and more through generative AI models that underpin enterprise-grade solutions.


AI Services

Aggregating data and building AI models to drive faster, predictive, and proactive decision making


AI Use Case Definition

Identify use cases across streamlining administrative tasks through process automation, cognitive engagement to enrich user experience through natural language processing, and cognitive insight to identify patterns with tips and forecasts for decision-making.

AI Data Preparation

Prepare AI datasets for applications through normalizing data, removing noisy data, transforming data into different formats, creating labels and categories, and preparing data for use in an AI algorithm or model.

AI Infrastructure Setup

Deploy AI infrastructure across data storage and management, compute resources, data processing frameworks, software stack and programming language, Machine Learning frameworks, and ML Ops platforms.

AI Model Development

Prepare and categorize data, create and train algorithms, select right platform to test and deploy the model, define features and train models, validate model performance, and establish governance to ensure the model’s adaptability to change.

AI Solution Development

Customize Large Language Models (LLMs), create contextually relevant and compliant content, and build unique applications that streamline business operations to enable data-informed decision-making.

AI Consulting Methodology

Establish governance, plan for AI to move the business forward, and change readiness

Get the dotSolved

AI Advantage

Outcomes with Impact

Look to us to bring real-world experience across transforming customer experience, marketing and sales, and employee experience to turn AI into outcomes.

Scaled AI Implementation

Through rich industry expertise, technology knowhow, and a dialogue-based approach, we will help you navigate from possibilities to a scaled implementation.

Proactive Decisions

From aggregating data to building AI models, we will enable you to leverage data and AI to drive faster, predictive and proactive decisioning as we traverse the path forward.

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